Better Lifestyle Events

Holistic Wellness Through Community Connection

Change The Culture

Better Lifestyle Events Aims To Cultivate A Healthy Relationship Between You And The Dedication It Takes To Foster A Better Lifestyle By Providing Resources And Education Through Innovative Technology And In Person Events.

Our Team


Better Lifestyle Events was created to empower individuals and change the culture within our communities. Meet our world class leaders who are making this happen.

Twany Beckham

Investing Time & Energy Into People

Work That Matters

At Better Lifestyle Events, we strive to change lives everywhere. Our events facilitate breakthroughs that awaken the spirit in everyone.


To Empower All Individuals To Embody Holistic Habits That Generate A Life That Brings Them Peace, Joy, And Happiness.


To Create A Healthier Community Through Innovative Events, Education, And Resources.


If you would like to partner with or sponsor one of our events, please reach out to us at

Impacting The Community

Our Better Lifestyle Story

On September 5th, 2013, Twany Beckham hosted a benefit dinner and book release for the launch of his very first book Full Court Press. Through this event, Twany realized the importance of bringing people together for a great cause and the impact that it can have on the community. Over the past nine years Twany has put on multiple events, served in the community, and has inspired many individuals to change their culture.

Twany met Haley Bastin through an online Bible Study, and they quickly recognized their passions aligned with helping individuals. Together they have vowed to use their experience and resources to help shape a healthier community. They started the company Better Lifestyle Events with a vision to serve and impact lives all across the world.

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